Regional Development Banks established specifically to provide longterm investment for industry and infrastructure can create jobs and industries NOW, with genuine, repayable investment loans.

The absence of a fair and sustainable work-reward relationship creates inflation and monetary instability. Job-evaluated pay is already a reality in major companies. The combination of Pay, Profit and Price Evaluation can guarantee a fair day's pay, rising productivity, full employment, and a stable monetary unit.

Maximizing productivity must become a nationwide objective, especially in government as the nation's biggest employer and its least productive.

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Politics as we know it today consists of two "sides": Red and Blue, Socialism and Conservatism, each trying to secure gains for its own supporters at the expense of the others. The result is confrontation, stalemate and ultimately dysfunctionality, while government takes an ever-increasing share of citizens' hard-earned incomes.

Government popularity is at an all-time low, as is confidence that it can solve our current problems of recession, growing environmental degradation, and the dramatic failure of our banking and financial systems. The need is clear for a fundamental re-invention of politics, based not on sectional advantage but on a policy of mutual respect, clearly defined fairness and justice, and maximum liberty for all, administered by a financially disciplined government.

23 pages

No people should give government power over them, without first setting conditions on the use of that power. Such is the purpose of Constitution.

Governments govern people, constitutions govern governments, by establishing procedures, obligations, and perhaps most importantly, limitations on the powers of government.

If we are not to drift slowly and surely, ever deeper into debt and dictatorship, the issues of Constitution, its Provisions, its Supreme Status in the process of governance, and the provision for periodic and necessary Amendment must be given urgent and serious consideration.

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YES to Growth

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The Art of Good Government
Government and banking can make or break a nation.
Both are in urgent need of reform.

Liberty and Law
Law creates liberty, but can also destroy it.
The key is in the amount of government control over its citizens.

Governing Government
Government is over-manned, over-pensioned, incompetent, untrustworthy and untrusted. We need a new Constitution,
to impose obligations and limitations, ensure accountability,
and keep government accounts in order.


Three Steps to Universal Prosperity
Everybody working
Everybody working productively
including government.
Yes it’s possible, and it’s not rocket science.


Britain Forward
Austerity is not inevitable. We can grow and prosper.
Starting NOW.
A Programme for Growth through Regional Development
and Government Productivity.

Britain for Peace
A political policy of Peace and Non-Aggression offers
economic growth, urban and rural heritage preservation
and government reform.


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Law and Governance in the New Age
A political system based on non-aggression.

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NO to Austerity

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Promotion in any profession or occupation
nearly always means progressive withdrawal
from doing actual, productive work.