Britain politics for peace

The Economics of Prosperity
We can grow and prosper,
and keep growing.
Starting NOW
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The Politics of Liberty
The need is clear for a
fundamental re-invention of politics,
based not on sectional advantage
but on a policy of mutual respect,
clearly defined fairness and justice,
and maximum liberty for all,
administered by a financially disciplined government.

The Supremacy of Constitution
No people should give government
power over them,
without first setting conditions
on the use of that power.
Such is the purpose of Constitution.
Britain for Peace

The Economics of Peace and Prosperity:
Financing Full Employment

Unemployment – recession – austerity – budget deficits: we don’t need this. With Regional Development Banking based on our Core Cities, we can expand NOW without deficit financing AND put our existing and new industries on a sounder, more competitive footing.

Growth without Inflation
Fair remunerations, stable money, full employment. It’s all possible.

Better Government at Less Cost
The process of government must be clearly defined in its field of action and subject to strict financial and administrative disciplines, so that it fulfils its functions productively without incurring an over-burdensome tax on the nation’s earnings.

Peace in Action – in Government and in Law
If government is honestly and productively conducted, providing a framework of fair and just laws ensuring that people work together rather than against one another, a just, peaceful and prosperous society will come about naturally, as a product of human ingenuity disciplined by laws reflecting natural justice.

A Green and Pleasant Land
Government for Peace creates an environment at peace. An environment to which all have access for enjoyment and refreshment, where agriculture is respectful of nature, where human residential, industrial and commercial needs are designed to minimize land area, fully integrated with public transport which is non-pollutive and economical in land-use.

Home on a Hillside
Introducing the Hilltown – a new concept in cost-effective, sustainable urban living with privacy, a terrace garden and a view guaranteed for every residence, with work, recreation and shopping right at the door.

Britain and Europe – Liberty and Regulation
The British view of Law is based on a Presumption of Liberty – we are all free to do whatever we like unless the law has good reason to say otherwise. The continental European basis of law is a Presumption of Regulation – do’s and don’ts are spelled out in detail. We should be clear as to the difference.

A Political Alternative
Traditionally, the Right permits aggression and exploitation between individuals, while the Left creates exploitation through excessive, intrusive government. Government based on the principles of Peace and Non-Aggression would neither permit, nor create aggression. The purpose of government becomes, in the words of Thomas Jefferson, “to prevent men from injuring one another”. And you’d be surprised what this simple law can do. Take a look!


Britain has the finest political pedigree in the world, bar none. Britain invented the essential tools of modern government: constitution, parliamentary democracy, an independent judiciary, all based on the foundation of English Common Law with its sense of fair play and natural justice. We need to revisit our heritage with the respect it deserves, then take up once again the political high ground we held for so long.

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Grant to our princes and those in authority
peace and good government
so that we under them
may lead a calm and peaceful life
in all godliness and respectability.
Martin Luther