Light rail, low floor vehicles, electric and/or biodiesel
are replacing little-used rail lines for rural and commuter traffic,
offering advantages of lower capital and operational costs.
They can be designed and routed to use segregated re-opened rail lines
combined with street-running.

Disused rail line from Holzau to Freiberg, Saxony, revived with this Reggio Sprinter.
The service is well used and claims to earn a profit.

Reggio Sprinter - inside view.

Light rail replaces uneconomic heavy rail in Chemnitz, Germany.
This low-floor vehicle is designed to run on segregated heavy rail,
as well as along urban shopping streets.

The Parry People Mover
is lightweight, and British-built.
Ideal for low cost operation on branch lines.

The Parry People Mover
low-floor version
for High Street operation.

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