The potential for human creativity and invention is limitless. And our Planet Earth could be a paradise, if respected and enhanced through human forethought, planning and discipline.

But these potentialities will not come to pass as long as humans prefer exploitation to creation, war to peace, arrogance to humility, superiority to equality, opposition to collaboration, domination to co-existence.

Only when a New Society takes root and becomes established in the world, will the full flowering of human creativity and the planet's beauty be realized.

The New Society is based first and foremost on a new code of human behaviour, where each individual from the earliest moment of comprehension, is taught to accept and to practice the Ten Rules of Social Conduct.

I undertake the rule of personal conduct:

     1   to respect all lifeforms, human born and unborn, animal, insect, marine and vegetable;
     2   not to disturb the lives and peace of others through rowdy and aggressive behaviour;
     3   not to criticize the behaviour of others, nor to interfere in their lives or force my opinions upon them;
     4   neither to covert nor to appropriate the goods and property of others;
     5   to use such of my host planet’s resources as I may need, with due respect to the planet, to other lifeforms, and to the needs of other users;
     6   to trade fairly, honestly and equally with others, co-workers, employees and customers;
     7   to ensure that goods and services I may offer in trade embody the highest possible standards of quality, productivity and value;
     8   to perform any duties of governance for which I may be responsible with expertise, humility and honour, respecting always the views and feelings of those who will be affected;
     9   to conduct myself at all times mindfully of my behaviour as it may be viewed and experienced by others;
     10   to respect the health and sanctity of my own body, mind and spirit through healthful living.

Peace in Practice

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