The Four Phases of Capitalism
Private, joint stock, casino, and whiz kid.
Prosperity - Anti-prosperity
Non-productive overheads reduce our prosperity.
Globalization - Localization
Importing is fine, but we need to produce something in exchange.
The Eurozone: Why does Germany call the shots?
Banking for industry, and teamwork. Any country can do it.


Housing: Affordability and Forecolsure
Stabilizing the property market.
Man cannot live by debt alone.
Government and personal debt: the twin demons
NO to Austerity
Austerity just makes things worse.
YES to Growth!
Project-Secured Investment for a Productive Economy


Productivity and Accountability in Government
Governments cut budgets by reducing services, never by making them more efficient.
What is Democracy?
Demos, Kratos - Power to the People. But which people?
Total Transparency The City of Albuquerque institutes new moves towards open government.
Britain and Europe – Liberty and Regulation
The British view of Law is based on a Presumption of Liberty. The European basis of law is a Presumption of Regulation. We should be clear as to the difference.
The Age of the Common Man
Power has shifted from governments and bankers to us, the ordinary folks. Are we learning to use it?
How much Government? Left, Right and Centre
Right, Left, Protection, Oppression, and Liberty are all directly interrelated, and are in turn a function of what can be termed Government Intervention, or more simply, How Much Government.


Governing Government.
Government governs the People. Who, or what governs Government?
The Status of Constitution in Government
The Constitution must stand above Government as the Supreme Law of the Land.

BANKS - Essential. Destructive.

Basics and Crises of our Banking System
How it should work, and where it went drastically wrong.
Regional Development Banking
for stability and growth - with no economic black spots
Regional Development Banking – Q & A
Setup and Questions
The Banking System Unmasked
Unveiling the masques.


A Green and Pleasant Land
Planning for an ideal environment.
Home on a Hillside
A new concept in cost-effective, sustainable urban living. Downloads in pdf format.

BAROQUE MUSIC: the peak of musical evolution

Baroque music defined
Follow the development of music, baroque music set in historical context.
Johann Sebastian BACH
A detailed biography covering all phases of his working life.
His life and work in Venice.
George Frideric Handel
The German-born composer whom England made very much her own.


The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall
The full story, including unpublished detail and photos. Fascinating reading. Downloads in pdf format.
Günther Ramin – God and Music under Socialism
An inspiring story of persistence and survival - the Sunday Bach Canata broadcasts in East Germany.

TRAVEL to out-of-the-way places

VENICE - without breaking the bank!
A budget, quality hotel in peaceful friendly surroundings,
free shuttle to the City of your dreams!
Adventures on the Orient Express
This fabled train was once a focus of intrigue and espionage.
Baden Baden – Gateway to the Black Forest

The Economics of Prosperity

20 pages

Regional Development Banks established specifically to provide longterm investment for industry and infrastructure can create jobs and industries NOW, with genuine, repayable investment loans.

The absence of a fair and sustainable work-reward relationship creates inflation and monetary instability. Job-evaluated pay is already a reality in major companies. The combination of Pay, Profit and Price Evaluation can guarantee a fair day's pay, rising productivity, full employment, and a stable monetary unit.

Maximizing productivity must become a nationwide objective, especially in government as the nation's biggest employer and its least productive.

The Politics of Liberty

15 pages

Politics as we know it today consists of two "sides": Red and Blue, Socialism and Conservatism, each trying to secure gains for its own supporters at the expense of the others. The result is confrontation, stalemate and ultimately dysfunctionality, while government takes an ever-increasing share of citizens' hard-earned incomes.

Government popularity is at an all-time low, as is confidence that it can solve our current problems of recession, growing environmental degradation, and the dramatic failure of our banking and financial systems. The need is clear for a fundamental re-invention of politics, based not on sectional advantage but on a policy of mutual respect, clearly defined fairness and justice, and maximum liberty for all, administered by a financially disciplined government.

The Supremacy of Constitution

13 pages

No people should give government power over them, without first setting conditions on the use of that power. Such is the purpose of Constitution.

Governments govern people, constitutions govern governments, by establishing procedures, obligations, and perhaps most importantly, limitations on the powers of government.

If we are not to drift slowly and surely, ever deeper into debt and dictatorship, the issues of Constitution, its Provisions, its Supreme Status in the process of governance, and the provision for periodic and necessary Amendment must be given urgent and serious consideration.

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