Review of Nada-Yolanda's 'Autobiography of a Prophet'
by Lawrence and Michael Sartorius
Authors/Editors, The New Earth.

Nada-Yolanda (Pauline Sharpe) was inspired by Jesus-Sananda to write the original draft of 'Autobiography of a Prophet' in 1976, at age fifty, to chronicle her founding, with El Morya/Mark, of the Mark Age Program for the New Age and the Second Coming of Jesus. Unfortunately, other organizational priorities intervened and the draft was filed away in the Mark-Age archives, where it remained right through to her death in 2005. Phillel, a close associate for over 30 years, after considering the idea of publishing it with the addition of considerable biographical and historical data, was further encouraged in 2010 by a communication from Nada advising him to go ahead and complete the work, which he has now done in this very fascinating and readable autobiography.

Nada-Yolanda was a very remarkable personality and one of Earth's first channellers of Jesus-Sananda. She was to become closely engaged with him in the Hierarchical Board of this Solar System's End Times Program for the Aquarian New Age.

This autobiography opens with several fascinating stories of her many previous lives, ranging from 32,000 years ago in the Temple of Love on Venus, through to the early civilizations of Lemuria, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, Greece and, to more recent times in Palestine, Syria, Rome, Germany, Portugal, right up to 100 years ago in Alaska and the Klondike.

Readers are then taken through a date-order chronicle of her founding, together with the Ascended Master El Morya, (at this time incarnated on Earth as Charles B. Gentzel later referred to simply as Mark), of the Mark-Age organization for promoting the Second Coming Program of Jesus for the coming End of Times. These two who first met at the end of 1959, soon to become very closely aligned as spiritual associates in rapidly building up a flourishing spiritual information organisation in Miami, which has lasted right through to the present day and is now based in the secluded Elk Valley area of rural Tennessee.

The second half of the book then takes readers through a diary of her extraordinary encounters in out-of-body meditation on the Higher Realms, in very spiritually inspiring experiences with Jesus and other Hierarchical Members, sometimes involving trips on various Interplanetary spaceships, as part of her initiation into an important Mission of bringing the End Times Program to the attention of the World.

This autobiography provides an inspiring and uplifting view of a very advanced Lightworker, helping to prepare Earth Humanity for its forthcoming Ascension to a higher dimension.

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