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Whereas the people are desirous of living together in peace and harmony, Therefore and by common consent it is resolved that none shall cause harm or injury to another, that none shall exploit another, gaining wealth through another's loss, that none shall grow by diminishing others.

To this end, institutions of governance shall be established and maintained for the purpose of formulating, promulgating, applying, and as may be necessary enforcing, such laws, rules, regulations and administrative systems as shall accurately and consistently define and prevent injury in any and all matters arising between individuals, business enterprises, and organs of governance.

In matters of Production, Trade & Commerce, Governance shall ensure that trade is Fair, Honest, and that participation in economic activity is open to all. First, a standard system for establishing Fair Value in Trade shall ensure that remuneration is just and consistent with work contributed. Second, regularly updated Production and Service Standards shall be maintained to which productive enterprises may contribute, and with which they should comply. Third, a standard public facility for recording debt and credit shall be maintained in order to facilitate trade and commerce, and so regulated as to ensure that potential creative resources are fully utilized.

Governance shall regulate the use of Land and Natural Resources so to ensure that all human needs are met while maintaining respect for the natural environment. First, Actual and Anticipated requirements of residential and commercial development and transportation should be planned in such a way as to minimize footprint and environmental imposition while providing maximum possible satisfaction of human individual and social needs. Second, agriculture and exploitation of resources must likewise be conducted so as to minimize environmental impact. The rights of all animals and other lifeforms to live in their natural state shall be respected and protected. Third, all forms of human waste shall be eliminated at source or treated so as to minimize environmental impact; any potential air or atmospheric pollution shall likewise be eliminated at source through appropriate treatment.

Governance shall likewise ensure that Liberty of Person and Lawful Property is protected from harm or injury. Governance may restrict Individual Liberty only to prevent harm or injury to another or others.

The Legislature shall attempt, through research, forethought, observation and public debate, to define from day to day actions which may be harmful or injurious. After full and thorough investigation, laws prohibiting such actions shall be drafted, and forwarded to the Constitutional Executive for verification and ratification.

The Constitutional Executive shall exercise and apply the following criteria when verifying proposed legislation. First, it being the purpose of law and governance to prevent injury, the validation of a legislative proposition requires that it must address a clearly identified imminent or present injury which it must then eliminate or minimize. If there is no injury, there can be no law, for unnecessary, superfluous, invasive or intrusive law is itself a cause of injury. Second, each proposed law must have been thoroughly researched, and fully debated, all those with an interest in the law having been given ample opportunity to present their opinions and viewpoints; the law must then be drafted in such a way as to be simple, readily comprehensible, and unambiguous. Third, it being the Duty and Purpose of the Legislature to prevent injury, the Constitutional Executive shall ensure through its own observation that any injury imminent or present is given prompt attention by the Legislature. Following successful verification, proposed laws are then formally ratified, promulgated, applied and administered. Confirmation of each law's validity is transmitted to the Agencies of Enforcement, Justice and Restoration. A Department of Audit shall be established for the purpose of continually monitoring the performance and finances of all Departments and Agencies of Governance so to ensure that they perform their duties in timely fashion, productively, with maximum citizen satisfaction and minimum cost.

No part of Governance shall be kept Secret.

The Agencies of Enforcement, Justice and Restoration are responsible for enforcing the law, for establishing guilt where a law has been transgressed and injury committed, and for restoring the wrong or equivalent thereof to the injured party. No law shall be enforced without prior verification and sanction of the Constitutional Executive.

The Courts of Justice shall remain aware at all times and in all cases before them, that any and every law has authority only in that it prevents present or imminent injury. The Courts may return a law for reconsideration if this condition is not fully and unambiguously complied with. In any exceptional case where there is nominal illegality but no perceivable injury, there is no illegality.

The Agencies of Enforcement may return a law for reconsideration if it is difficult to enforce, or if in the enforcement of it unwarranted intrusion or invasion is involved. The Constitutional Executive shall have responsibility of ensuring that the methods and procedures involved in Law Enforcement cause the minimum possible injury or intrusion, and are conducted in accordance with such regulations as shall from time to time be established.

The Restoration by a Party guilty of injury requires only that the wrong or equivalent thereof be restored by the Guilty to the Injured Party to such extent and in such a manner as is decreed by the Court of Justice. The Constitutional Executive shall have responsibility of ensuring that the rights of the Guilty Party shall in all other respects be maintained.

Acts of Governance Advise and Recommend courses of action which will avoid the perpetration of Injury. Any Law, Act, or Regulation ~ whether or not enacted in accordance with the Procedures herein proscribed ~ derives its Authority only insofar as it prevents, and protects from, a clear, present, identifiable injury. If it does so, it is thereby validated. If it does not, then it is without Authority and therefore null and void.

The People enjoy Liberty
when Governance protects them from Injury by one another.

The People enjoy Liberty
when Constitution protects them from Injury by Organs of Governance.

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