Project-Secured Investment
for a Productive Economy

Today’s industry needs secure, longterm investment.
It’s no good looking to the Banks.
They’re otherwise engaged in quiet speculation.
And when they do condescend to invest in industry,
they “lend you an umbrella when it’s sunny,
and want it back when it rains.”

During the Great Depression years following 1929,
Britain’s Lord Melchett, prominent industrialist and politician,
stressed that banking should be at the service of industry,
rather than industry at the mercy of the banking system.
His words are even more relevant today:

“While banks take a short-term view for reasons of security and liquidity,
business is conducted on a long view.
We must alter our banking and economic system
to suit the necessities of industry”.

Today’s industry needs secure, longterm investment.
New, workable solutions are there, ready, up and running,
creating real and lasting prosperity.
We need to adopt and embrace them.

Economics & Prosperity

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