Review of Nada-Yolanda's "Autobiography of a Prophet"
by Joseph Polansky
Editor, Diamond Fire

This is not your typical autobiography. And that's what makes it so good. Usually an autobiography tells us the mundane events of a person's outer life – the early life, schooling, loves, marriages, career, etc. Sometimes you will get some insight into the person's emotional life – the psychological life – as well. But these things don't tell the whole story – not even a fraction of the true story. A real autobiography, such as this one, gives us the past lives of the person – the events that shaped the present life. I don't think I've ever read an autobiography like this. So deep.

Before she even begins with this life we get the story of her past lives in Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Greece, Palestine, Rome and many other places. The reader can see how her past triumphs and errors affected events in her present life. Many people can't connect a chronic health problem with any previous cause. Doctors will just say "it's genetic" and leave it at that. But when you read a book like this you see that what they call "genetics" is just a fancy word for karma. A mistake in a past incarnation lodges indelibly in the memory body and creates vulnerabilities in the present body.

The same is true with our relationships. On the three-dimensional level we can't see the connection that we have with our friends. We don't understand why we love one and not another or are repelled by one and not another. Ninety-five percent of our relationships are merely the continuation of past-life connections. And she shows it dramatically. Our vocation in life is also a result of past lives. These things are not haphazard – though it often seems that way – but lawful. The exact outworking of spiritual law.

There is another important thing that distinguishes this work from the usual autobiography. It is her story on three different levels – her mortal physical personality of Pauline Sharpe, her soul identity of Yolanda, and her high Self identity of Nada. This is extremely difficult to do. Yet she makes it work. In the typical autobiography we get only the story of the mortal physical personality. Nada-Yolanda functioned consciously on these three levels. We all function on these three levels, but with her it was conscious and this makes all the difference.

This is Nada-Yolanda's autobiography but it is also the story of Mark-Age, the ministry she founded with Charles Gentzel (Mark) in 1960. It's a pretty exact chronology. It was interesting to see the development of Mark-Age from extremely humble beginning to where it is now.

It was also interesting to see the past-life connections between her, Mark and the people who got involved in the ministry. Just a continuation of previous projects.

The book takes us up to 1975. Phillel's chapter on page 177 takes us to 2005 – the year that Nada-Yolanda passed on. This concludes the historical part of the book. From Chapter V onwards we have extracts from Nada-Yolanda's spiritual diary. Extremely valuable reading. In it are inner experiences, spiritual teachings and personal insights.

The book is well written and a pleasure to read. Highly recommendable for the spiritual seeker and for those who want to understand all the chaos in the world.

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